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An Event's settings are in the Details, Church Center, and Permissions tabs. They  define the description, times, contact information, and event status. Make changes to your event, and it will update in real time.

Church Center

Select the Settings tab to choose how many people can attend the event and specify how or if the event will show up on your Public Page.

  1. Set the registration to be open, closed, or none. If the event is set to none, there are no attendee options.
  2. Set up your event without allowing others to access it, or you can only allow people with the link to access the event.
    • When set to Everyone, anyone can see your event from your main events page as long as registration is open.
    • Link Only means that only those with the link can access the event, and it won't be listed on the main events page. Copy and share the link to others.
    • Hidden prevents anyone from seeing your event while you are getting it set up. Registration is not open at this visibility level.
  3. If you don't need to keep the information of those who are registering, enable guest registrations.
  4. Choose your Support Contact, the person who receives registration emails.

Your public page will reflect all the information you set here.

Closed Event

Your event will appear as closed if the Registration setting is Closed.


If you want a Non-Admin to have access to make changes to the event, you can give them permission to be an Event Manager by typing their name in the box.

Confirmation Email

Attendees will receive a confirmation email once they register. The message will include all registration information as well as any message you add from the Notifications tab.

If you'd like a specific email address to be notified when someone registers, enter it in the Notification List.

Use Markdown to format the email with bold, italics, links, and more!

The confirmation email will link to the event, their personal details, and show who they can contact. Everything outside the box will appear in your attendees' confirmation email regardless of whether you add a custom message.

Event Confirmation Email

Your Event Settings are ready; now update the attendee types, so people can register!

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