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The settings control the elements shown on Church Center. Use the tabs to define the description, times, contact information, signup status, and more. When you make changes to your signup, those changes will immediately update in Church Center.

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.


On the About tab, you can add more information about the signup, including a signup image.

  1. Update the public signup description using the text editor. Add hyperlinks, headers, and quote blocks, format text as code, and insert photos.


    The code block in the text editor will not insert HTML code. It will only format text in a code block.

  2. Use .jpg, .png, or .gif file formats and an aspect ratio of 16:9 for image uploads.

    If you don't have an event logo, you can use the Unsplash integration to find free photos for your event logo.

  3. Use the dropdowns to choose a physical or virtual location.

  4. Use the dropdowns to choose the campus and category.


Managers will not see the Campuses and Categories section. Only an Administrator can change the Campus or Category.

Signup Settings

Specify how or if the event will show up on your Public Page, manage guest options, and add notification options. Your public page will reflect all the information you set here.

  1. Add dates and times for the event.

  2. If you want a person who is not an Administrator to be able to make changes to the event, you can give them permission to be an Event Manager by typing their name in the box.

  3. Choose a Support Contact, the person who receives registration emails.

Registration Options

Choose when people can register for the signup, the payment methods they can use, and if they can cancel their registrations.



If you want to use the legacy workflow, check the legacy workflow checkbox.

Closed Event

Your event will appear as closed if the Registration setting is Closed, and people will not be able to register.


An Admin can register an attendee on the Admin side even if the event is closed.


When you first create an event, it is hidden. You can choose to show the event on Church Center by publishing it.

  1. Use the link to share your event.

  2. Choose when your event should be visible on Church Center:

    • Now allows anyone to see your event from the main events page as long as registration is open.

    • Choose a specific date/time for the event to be visible.

    • Do not include prevents anyone from seeing your event while you are getting it set up. Registration is not open at this visibility level.

    • The Automatically hide option will be enabled by default to hide the event from your Church Center page when the event ends. If you want it to continue to show on Church Center, you can disable it.

  3. If you want the event to stay at the top, regardless of the date, enable Featured.


At the bottom of the Settings tab, notify someone whenever a new attendee registers by adding them to the notification list and create a custom confirmation email for attendees of this signup.

  1. If you'd like a specific email address to be notified when someone registers, enter it in the Notification list. Separate multiple email addresses by commas.

  2. Attendees will receive a confirmation email once they register. The message will include all registration information, as well as any message you add. It will also link to the event, their personal details, and show who they can contact. If you want to send a specific confirmation email to a selection, set it up in the selection settings.

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