Use Add-Ons for Options

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For events with time slots or tickets, use add-ons to allow people to select when they'll attend or what seat they'd like.

From the Settings of the event, go to the Add-Ons tab, and click New Add-On to create options for people when they register.

add ons tab

Add information to the add-on, and then save it to the event.

  1. If you don't want to make the add-on available yet, you can choose to hide it.
  2. Allow attendees to make partial payments. If you want them to pay in full at registration, don't check the box for a partial payments.
  3. Allow attendees to purchase more than one of the variations listed.
  4. If you have multiple attendee types, make the add-on available to certain attendee types.

Click Save to allow the changes to be listed on your event.

Time Slots

Events like a Parents Day Out or Day Care need to show which day a child will be paying for. You can set up those days and allow people to purchase more than one.

You could also list out every date, so people register for specific dates instead of days.

Tables & Tickets

If people are purchasing tickets for your event, split the tickets amongst the sections they're in.

variation examples

When people register, they can either choose a ticket from a section, or, if people are selling tickets, they can mark those add-ons as sold on their registration.


If there are several options for activities at your event, allow people to choose which activity they want to participate in by adding them to Add-Ons.

add ons with events

When registering, a person can choose to participate in the activity, and any cost will be reflected on their payment page.

Once the registration is complete, if the person needs to add more add-ons to their registration, an Administrator will have to do it on the Admin side. Once an Administrator makes the adjustment, you can send a balance due reminder email straight from their registration.

You cannot delete an add-on unless no one has already chosen that add-on.

If you've removed the add-on from registered attendees and are still unable to delete the add-on, that means someone else has chosen that add-on and hasn't finished their registration. It cannot be deleted until the person finishes their registration, but you can choose to hide it on Church Center to disallow others to choose it.

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