Add Ons

Add Ons allow you to add extra activities or merchandise to your event for attendees to purchase.

Viewing Event Add Ons

  1. You can add a New Add On here
  2. You can rearrange your Add Ons by dragging and dropping the Add On from here
  3. The pencil icon will allow you to edit your Add Ons

Creating New Add On

Creating New Add On
  1. Enter the name of your Add On
  2. Add Variation if your Add On has multiple options like sizes or colors. Choose Variation Name, Price, and number Available.
  3. Allow Attendees to purchase more than one. The default option will only allow your attendee to purchase one of each Add On
  4. Only Available to certain Attendee Types. Once you select this option, you will see a list of all your different Attendee Types you have created. In this example, I have created a Chaperone T-Shirt so I only want my Chaperone Attendee Type to be able to purchase this Add On.
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