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Add-Ons allow you to expand on Selections (Types) by collecting additional information like time slots or tickets. They can also be used for merch since you can assign a price, set the quantity available, and add forms specific to add-ons.


Occasionally you need to collect money without having a place for people to register. Maybe you have a coffee shop, or you want to sell some baked goods? Or maybe a youth group t-shirt? Or a book or curriculum?

A good solution for non-tax-deductible payments like that is Stripe Payment Links!

Once you have a link URL for the product, you can add it to your signup confirmation email or group page, so people can purchase the product in the same place they register or join your group!

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Create an Add-On

From the Manage tab, go to Add-Ons, and then choose New Add-On.


Fill out the information for the add-on in the way you want it to be shown to people during the registration process.

  1. Enter the name of the add-on as you want it displayed to people when they're registering.

  2. Add the price per add-on.

  3. If there's a limited quantity, add that number. As add-ons are included in registrations, people will be able to see how many are left. It will show as "sold out" when the limit is reached.

  4. If you don't want attendees to include add-ons when they register, you can choose to hide it on Church Center.

  5. Allow attendees to make partial payments for the add-on.

  6. Allow attendees to purchase more than one add-on.

  7. Make the add-on available to certain selections, to tailor the registration process for each attendee and help prevent attendees from ordering something they don't need.

Select Save to include this add-on on your event.


If your add-on is something with different options, you can add those as variations. People will be able to select one variation of the add-on.


Delete variations by selecting the trash icon.

Sort and Edit Add-Ons

Choose how your add-ons are displayed on Church Center.

  1. Click on an add-on to edit the variations and settings

  2. Click and drag add-ons to rearrange the order they're displayed in Church Center

Selecting Add-Ons During Registration

As a person registers, they're able to select add-ons visible to their selection. The cost of each add-on will be added to their registration total.

select add-ons.png

Update Add-Ons

Once a registration is complete, if someone needs to edit the add-ons selected for attendees in their registration, an Administrator can change it in the attendee's registration details.

Once an Administrator makes the adjustment, they can send an email from the registration details.

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