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Register People for a Signup

Registrations are logged on the Registrations tab of the signup, where an Administrator or Manager can view all attendees and basic information at a glance. They can also register attendees here.

Register a Person as an Admin or Manager

Select New registration to register someone.


Enter the attendee's information on the next page.

  1. Choose the number of attendees registering for each available selection.

  2. Search for the attendee's name. If the person is in your People database, their name will appear in a dropdown as you begin to type it.


    You will not assign an attendee for a simple signup.

  3. The first attendee will be listed automatically as the registration contact. To change this to another attendee, click their name and select Someone Else. 

  4. Check the Send confirmation email box to notify the registration contact. This can also be sent later from within the registration details.


If you want people to register themselves, you can send them the signup link on Church Center. Planning Center Registrations does not act as a kiosk.

View Registrations

As people register for the signup, the registrations will populate a list on the Registrations tab.

  • The green denotes a completed registration, which means there are no unanswered questions, pending forms, or balance due.

  • The yellow shows what information is still needed for the registration.

  1. Filter attendees by an add-on, question, or other factors regarding their registration.

  2. View the name and selection of each attendee or select the registration to view more details.

  3. Look for dots to view any missing information, such as unpaid balances, missing required info, questions, and forms.

Once people have registered for the signup, you can organize them by assigning them to different teams or cabins.

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