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Registrations are logged on the Registrations page of the event, where an Administrator or Event Manager can view all attendees and basic information at a glance. They can also register someone for the event.

Register a Person

You can register someone for an event by clicking New Registration.

If you want people to register themselves, you can send them the link to the public page. Planning Center Registrations does not act as a kiosk.

Enter the name of the person you would like to register. If the person exists in your People database, you will see their name in a drop down as you begin to type it. If you need to create a new person in your system, begin typing their name, and then click Create A New Person.

enter an attendee

Once you choose the person to register, you can choose their attendee type and finish filling out the registration.

When someone registers themselves, they receive a confirmation email. However, if an Admin registers someone, the person doesn't automatically receive a confirmation email. Send them an email letting them know they're registered for the event.

Check Registrations

As people register for the event, the registrations will populate in the Registrations list.

  • The green denotes a completed registration or information.
  • The yellow shows what information is still needed for the registration.
  • The gray shows the registration has been canceled if you have chosen to show canceled registrations.
  1. Filter attendees or search for an attendee by name or email.
  2. View the name and attendee type of each registrant or select the registration to view more details.
  3. Look for dots to view any missing information, such as balances, info, questions, and forms.

Once people have registered for the event, you can organize them by assigning them to different teams or cabins.

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