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Add all your signups in Registrations, so people can easily see them and register for ones that allow attendees.

If you want to learn about the different types of event you can create, check out this video.


From the Signups tab, click New signup.

New Event on Events tab

Add information about your signup when prompted. In these steps, you'll name your signup, choose the primary date and time, and select if you want people to be able to register.

event creation widget

Once you've created the signup, you'll be taken to the Settings, where you can add more information about. In order for people to access the signup, you'll need to publish it.

Once it's published, register yourself for it! You can create a discount code just for testers, and you can cancel the registration once you've finished it.

If you chose to collect registrations, make sure you update the attendee types or selections, so people can register for the correct type.

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