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Create a Signup

Create opportunities for people to easily see and register for programs and events, collect payments, and announce coming events.


Only non-deductible payments can be collected in Planning Center Registrations. Tax-deductible donations can be collected in Planning Center Giving or another donation management program.

To get started, click New signup on the Signups page.


Select when your signup will be starting.

  1. An ongoing program or opportunity doesn't happen within a certain timeframe, like collecting volunteer interest, baptism signups, or selling items from your church gift shop.

  2. Use this option if your signup is happening on a specific date or within a timeframe.

    • to show a date range, add the beginning and ending dates

    • to show individual dates, add the starting date only and timeframe for that day. You can add additional dates after these initial steps.

Next, choose what type of signup this will be.

  • Detailed is for collecting payments and when you need to know who will be attending.

  • Simple is for when you don't need to collect payments and only need to know how many to plan for.

  • None is for an informational announcement to display on your signups page in Church Center.


Once created, the signup type cannot be changed. It will have to be recreated entirely.

Lastly, name your signup and click Save to create your signup.


You'll be taken to the Configuration tab, where you can start filling in the sign up details.


By default, the signup will be:

  1. not included on your public page in Church Center. It can be accessed by anyone you share the link with, which is helpful for testing.

  2. open for registration. This allows you and anyone else with access via the shared link to register.

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