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Add all your events in Registrations, so people can easily register. Then, keep track of registration information by choosing the event.

Check out the video to see how to set up an event, or follow the steps below.


From the Events tab, select New Event.

New Event on Events tab

To edit an event you've already created, select Event Details in the event box.

Add information about your event. You can edit this information later if needed.

Initial Event Information
  1. Name your event.
  2. Enter your first Attendee Type as well as how much their registration will cost.
  3. Add as many Start and End Date/Times as needed.

Select submit to be taken to the Registrations tab of the event.

We only support USD and CAD.

Once you have chosen a currency, you will not be able to change it for this event. Archive the event and create a new one to change the currency.

As people register, you can view their registrations to send any reminders or add any payments.

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