Connect to Stripe and Choose a Subdomain

Planning Center Registrations is an online app that allows you to set up events and display them publicly. Attendees will be able register themselves for events and submit payments conveniently from their own computer. As an event planner, you will be able to keep track of all of your events, attendees, and payments in a single location.

Getting Started Page

The first time you login to PCO Registrations, you will be taken to this start up page which will allow you to (1) connect to your Stripe account and then (2) create your first event. You will need to connect to Stripe to be able to accept credit card payments online. If your organization already has a Stripe account, you will have the opportunity on the next page to link your existing account with PCO instead of creating a brand new account.

Connecting to Stripe

Connecting to Stripe

After you select "Connect to Stripe" on the start up page, you will be taken to this screen. From here you will either login to your existing Stripe account at the top, or enter your information to create a new Stripe account.

  1. Sign in to your existing Stripe account to link with Planning Center
  2. If your organization does not have a Stripe account set up, you will begin to fill out your information here. Where are you based?, Your product, and Business details, are all fields required by Stripe to set up an account.
  3. Credit Card Statement Details will be the information that appears on your attendees credit card statements and can easily be changed/updated later. Bank Details requires a routing number and account number which will be where your collected funds will be deposited. Lastly, Save your Stripe account is where you will choose the email address and password that your Stripe account is registered under.
  4. Authorize access to this account will save your entered information, create your Stripe account, and link it with your PCO Registrations account.

Now that you have Stripe set up and linked to your PCO Registrations account, you are ready to create an Event and start collecting payments!

Getting Paid from Stripe

For the answers to all your questions about getting paid from Stripe, please refer to their documentation.

Choosing a Subdomain

If your organization has not done so already, you will need to choose a subdomain from your Accounts Page. This subdomain will be how your attendees locate and sign up for your Events. The subdomain that you choose will be placed in front of "" so you will have your own URL to either post on your webpage, or distribute to your visitors. For example the URL for the account in the image above will be and anyone will be able to follow that URL to view and register for upcoming events.

Subdomain Error- Invalid

Subdomain Error- Invalid

If you see a message that says Invalid then you have probably entered an unsupported character. Your subdomain cannot include any spaces or special characters, only letters and numbers are supported in a subdomain.

Subdomain Error- Taken

Subdomain Error- Taken

If you are seeing a message that says Taken, that means another PCO organization has already chosen that domain name to use with their account. Each Planning Center account will need to have their own individual and unique subdomain.

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