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Volunteer Signups

Sometimes, it makes more sense to collect volunteer registrations before the actual signup for the event is available to the public. For example, you might want to gather volunteers for VBS several months in advance, or you might need to train camp counselors before summer arrives. In these situations, create a separate signup for volunteers to get a head start on training and planning!

Adjust Signup Settings

After creating your signup, adjust the signup settings from the About and Settings tabs on the Configuration page. Pay close attention to the Settings tab, where you can adjust things like:

  • Church Center availability

  • Registrant options that determine what information is collected from the Registration Contact

  • Allowed payment methods

Create Selection Types

Create selection types to collect volunteer information. When making your selections, consider the various volunteer roles available and make a selection for each group.

  1. Name your selections to help direct people who are registering.

  2. Use restrictions, such as age or grade, to help guide people to choose the correct selection while registering.

  3. If you need a specific number of volunteers, set the maximum per selection or overall capacity.

Create Add-Ons

Add-Ons can be used to collect information from each volunteer about additional options and preferences.

Create an add-on for preferred volunteer roles, desired age range, t-shirt sizes, and more.


Add Questions

Collect additional information from those registering by creating questions. If you need to collect information from the registration group as a whole, create registration questions on the Registration Questions tab. To collect information from individual volunteers, create questions on the Attendee Questions tab or the Attendee Information Form.

Registration Questions

From the Registration Questions tab, create questions that apply to the registration group as a whole. These questions will be answered once, no matter how many people are registering at one time.


Attendee Questions

From the Attendee Questions tab, create questions that apply to the individual volunteers. Use the question settings to specify if the questions are asked of everyone, or only volunteers with certain selections. These questions will be answered for each volunteer during the main registration workflow.


Attendee Information Form

From the Forms tab, create additional volunteer-specific questions on the Attendee Information Form. Use the question settings to adjust who the questions apply to based on their selections. These questions will be asked after the initial registration process, so the 15-minute timer will not apply.


Add Additional Forms

There may be times when you need to collect even more information from your volunteers. For example, maybe you have a separate child protection policy that all volunteers are required to sign, or you may need to collect background check authorizations. In these scenarios, attach additional forms from the Forms tab.

Form Type


People Form

Release forms that need to be kept on file or application-style forms.

PDF Form

A form that needs to be printed and turned in.

External Form

An external registration form, such as a child protection policy from the company you partner with.


Take your signup even further by creating automations that complete actions whenever someone registers!

For example, create an automation that adds volunteers to a volunteer Group to help you coordinate training!



Looking for an advanced tip? Create a List in People based on a Selection type and then create an automation to add volunteers to a team in Services!


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