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Preparing for a camp of any size can be quite a task! Creating a signup to collect registrations and payments can help you stay organized and keep track of all the details. After you create your signup, use these steps to make it perfect for your camp!


Need to take attendance once camp has started? Check out the Take Attendance article to learn about the options available.

Adjust Signup Settings

After creating your signup, adjust the signup settings from the About and Settings tabs on the Configuration page. Pay close attention to the Settings tab, where you can adjust things like:

  • Church Center availability

  • Registrant options that determine what information is collected from the Registration Contact

  • Allowed payment methods

Create Selection Types

Create Selection Types to collect attendee information. Consider who will be attending and make a selection for each group.

For example, if you are creating a youth camp signup, make a selection for middle school students, high school students, and counselors.

  1. Name your selections to help direct people who are registering.

  2. Add an overall cost for camp (not including additional options) and set a minimum balance due.

  3. Use restrictions, such as age or grade, to guide people to choose the correct selection while registering.

  4. If your camp has a capacity, set the maximum per selection or overall capacity.


Consider creating a separate signup for volunteers if you'd like to open registration sooner than the main event signup.

Create Add-Ons

Add-Ons can be used to collect information about additional options, preferences, or extra costs from each attendee.

Create an Add-On for things such as t-shirts, optional camp activities, snack bar credits, and more!


Add Questions

Collect additional information from those registering by creating questions.

  • Use registration questions to collect information from the entire registration group.

  • Use attendee questions or the Attendee Information Form to collect information from individual attendees.


    Attendee questions are best for simple questions you'd like a response to immediately. Use the Attendee Information Form for questions that might take attendees longer to answer or when the answers can wait until after the initial registration is submitted.

Registration Questions

From the Registration Questions tab, create questions that apply to the registration group as a whole. These questions will be answered once, no matter how many people are registering at one time.


Attendee Questions

From the Attendee Questions tab, create questions that apply to the individual attendees. Use the question settings to adjust who the questions apply to based on their selections. During the main registration workflow, these questions will be answered for each attendee.


Attendee Information Form Questions

From the Forms tab, create attendee-specific questions on the Attendee Information Form. This form can be used for application-type or long-form questions, as the form is sent after the initial registration process, and the 15-minute timer does not apply. Use the question settings to adjust who the questions apply to based on their selections.

A link to the Attendee Information Form will be sent in the confirmation email received after a registration is submitted. Registrants can also access the form from the My Registrations tab of their profile on Church Center.


Add Additional Forms

There may be times when you need to collect even more information from your campers. For example, maybe you are attending a camp that has its own registration form, but you also need to collect information for your church. In these scenarios, attach additional forms from the Forms tab.

Form Type


People Form

Release forms that need to be kept on file or application-style forms.

PDF Form

A form that needs to be printed and turned in.

External Form

An external registration form, such as a camp registration for the camp you are attending.

Discounts and Scholarships

Create Discounts and Scholarships to help manage the cost of camp.


Use Discounts to provide early bird discounts, group discounts, or code discounts.



Create a Scholarship to track money collected for camp sponsorships. When money is received, add it to the scholarship total. If a camper needs financial assistance, apply a payment to their balance using the Scholarship payment method. This amount is deducted from the remaining scholarship balance on the Scholarship tab.



Collecting donations for camp sponsorships? Check out the Donate to a Scholarship article!


Sort your campers into groups by creating Assignments. Use Assignments to assign campers to their cabins, buses to and from camp, activities throughout the week, or anything else helpful!



Take your signup even further by creating Automations that complete actions whenever someone registers for camp!

For example, create an automation that adds registration contacts (most likely parents of campers!) to a group for Camp Parents whenever they register.


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