Common Registration Lists

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Using the Lists feature in Planning Center People, you can create a list of attendees or registration contacts based on signup category, selection, or even assignment. You can share lists with others or print them using reports.

Registered for an Event in a Specific Category

Make a list of attendees or registration contacts for signups in a specific category.


Send an announcement, text them, send them a styled email, or perform bulk actions on your list to update their profiles or register them for a specific selection in another signup.


Cleanup Database After a Signup

When someone registers for a signup event, the person is added to your Planning Center database. If you don't want those people to remain in your database, you can either change their Membership Type or set those profiles to inactive, which hides them from your database.

Set the list rules to find people who registered for the event but are not active in the church. The actual rules that you set will vary, depending on which products you use and how your signup was set up.

database cleanup_numbered.png
  1. Create conditions that find people based on their activity in the time frame you need. Set that rule to find People matching NONE of these conditions to remove people who have never been a part of your church.

  2. Add conditions for named attendees, registration contacts, or based on attendance and assignments for the signups you want to include. You can do this for all signups or specific ones. Set this rule to find People matching ANY or AT LEAST 1 of these conditions.


If you track individual people's activity in a different way, add that condition to the Rule 1.

Update Membership or Make Inactive

From the list, you can choose to either change the membership type or set the person to inactive. Click the icon to be taken to the Bulk Actions menu.


Expand the option below to see how to change the membership type or set the person to inactive.

Change the Membership Type

When you change the membership type, the event attendees will stay in your database as active profiles, just with a different membership type. The membership type will be reflected on the dashboard, and the people will be found in lists and automations unless the membership type is explicitly excluded.

From the Bulk action box, choose the type.



Click the Perform action button to update all the people on the list with the new membership type.

Set to Inactive

When you set the event attendees to inactive, they will be removed from your database as active profiles, but you can search and reactivate them at any time. They will not be included in the numbers on your dashboard, and the people will not be found in lists and automations unless you check the box to include inactive profiles.

From the Bulk Action box, set the membership status to Inactive and choose a reason and date.



If you don't want to use a default option as a membership type, you can create your own from the Personal tab on the Custom Fields page.

Click Perform action to update all the people on the list to inactive.

Add People to a Group from Registrations

If you want to communicate with a group of people who have registered for an event, you can add them to a group! Once they're added to the group, they can chat (if enabled), access resources, or view upcoming events applicable to them.

Create a list in People to find the attendees who have registered for the event. Add the specific selection or assignment for the people that you want to add to the group.

list_attendee type.png

Enable Auto-Refresh and Automations

As people begin to register for the event, they are added to this list the next morning, and then auto-refresh and automations add them to the group.

Set List to Auto-Refresh

Set the event to auto-refresh in the Settings , which refreshes the list every day.


Create Automation

Create a list automation to add the people to the group.

automation_add to group_arrow.png


If you don't need to automatically add attendees to the group, you can use bulk actions to take the same step manually.

Message Group Members

The group will begin to fill up as people sign up for the event. When all attendees have registered, or once the group is full, welcome the group members by sending them a group message.

new message.gif

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