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Reconcile Stripe Payments

After you've collected payments through your signups, you need to know where the money goes and how to reconcile those payments to your bank account each month. Use the Stripe Payout Reports to complete this process. 


Registrations is for tracking non-tax-deductible payments only. Payments made through Registrations will not be visible in Giving.

Stripe Payout Reports

All payments made online via Church Center are processed by Stripe. By default, Stripe pools all funds received (minus the processing fees) and deposits them into your bank account every two days. Stripe calls these Payouts.

Each time you receive a deposit from Stripe, a Stripe Payout Report is generated in Planning Center to help you reconcile the deposit with your bank account and general ledger.

Organization Administrators and Billing Managers can access Stripe Payout Reports from the Payments page in Registrations or from Account Settings


Each Stripe Payout Report provides an overview of Registrations, Giving, and Other Stripe Income for each deposit you receive. This includes Registrations totals for each event and Giving totals broken down by fund.


It is recommended to use the Stripe Payout Report to enter a journal entry for each deposit you receive from Stripe into your general ledger rather than an itemized list.

However, if you need to see an itemized list of registration payments included in a specific payout, go to your Stripe account directly. Go to the Payments tab, click Payouts, and then select an individual payout to see a list of all the transactions that make up that particular deposit.

More Information for Bookkeepers

If you also subscribe to Giving, check out the Introduction for Bookkeepers article for more bookkeeping suggestions!

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