Take Attendance on a Check-Ins Station

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If you're using a station for attendance, you need to set up sessions in the Settings, and then you can open a station, and your event will be ready.

Set Up Sessions

From the Check-Ins tab on the signup's Configuration page, select Enable the stations integration.

Check-Ins setup.png

Sessions are added based on the dates and times of your event, but you can add as many sessions and corresponding labels as you need.

Check-Ins_add sessions and labels_numbered.png
  1. Add any dates and times for people to check in.

  2. Choose a label based on the selection or assignment.


    You can create a custom label in Check-Ins!

Select Save to enable the integration.

To make changes to the sessions or labels, click Edit.

If you would like to stop using the integration, select Disable.

Check People In

Open a Check-Ins station to find your signup and check people in using a self, roster, or manned station.

event list.png


If your signup isn't showing on the station, go to the station settings and uncheck the "lock" setting to show all events, or choose the event from the list.

If an attendee hasn't registered or has an incomplete registration, click Register on the check-in screen to open a QR code that will direct them to complete their registration in Church Center.


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