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Improved: Collecting Attendee Personal Information

When you're collecting registrations for an event at your church, some information is important to have up front. For example, if you're hosting a summer camp, it's important to have attendee information like grade, gender, and emergency contact, while other information like medical release forms may best be suited to fill out as a follow-up to the registration.

In the new Church Center workflow, this kind of information was only collected up front if there was an age, grade, or gender restriction; otherwise, it was part of the attendee information form, which follows the first step of the registration process. Now, personal information — including grade, birthdate, gender, and emergency contact — can be collected when you're choosing your attendees on Church Center, regardless of whether there's a restriction!



On the admin side of things, you'll notice that we've split out the two areas. Personal information has a front-and-center spot in the selection settings, and you can set those fields as optional, required, or required with a restriction in one place.

In most cases, you'll collect phone number and address from the registrant rather than individual attendees — but in case you do need to collect those items from attendees, you still can! Those fields can still be included on the attendee information form, and you'll find their familiar-looking settings at the bottom of this settings page.

With improved attendee information collection, you can collect the information from the right people at the right time.


- The Registrations Team

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