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New: Override Assignment Area Restrictions

Assignments provide an easy way to ensure attendees end up where they need to be. Whether you're grouping people into classes, cabins, or teams, it can be helpful to set restrictions for different areas so that attendees end up in the group that fits their grade, gender, or selection.

Restrictions make it quick and easy to auto-assign people to the correct areas, but sometimes you may want to put  an attendee in  an area they don't fit the requirements for. For example, you may want to assign an adult cabin leader to a cabin that's restricted to specific grades. With this update, you can override that restriction directly in Registrations!

While assigning people to areas, you'll notice a "Does not meet restrictions" message under areas they don't meet the requirements for:

You can now override restrictions by selecting any area. If you select an area that the person doesn’t meet the requirements for, you’ll see an alert confirming they should be assigned:

These changes make organizing groups for large events like summer camp and VBS just that much easier! 

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