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New: Required options (add-ons)

When someone registers, there are often additional options available to them based on their selections. Maybe conference attendees need to select their sessions, or VBS volunteers need to select a t-shirt size, or class attendees need to choose a lunch option.

Add-ons are perfect for sessions, t-shirts, and lunches — but you can't make them required. They're always treated as optional, which makes sense if those sessions, t-shirts, and lunches are additions. But what if they're always included for an attendee, and you just need them to select which one they want? You simply have to hope people will check the right boxes during registration and select the options they need.

Not anymore! Now you can make add-ons required and make sure people select their sessions, t-shirts, lunches, and more.

In your add-on settings, check the box to make it required. (If the add-on is only available with certain selections, it will only be required from attendees with that selection — so you can, for example, require t-shirts for kids but not volunteers.)

When this option is enabled, the add-on will be required during registration on Church Center.

If a registration is missing a required add-on — because the person was registered by an admin, or because the add-on was added after the person registered — it will show as incomplete on the admin side of Registrations.

Keep in mind, if your add-on is required but also has a capacity limitation, people will no longer be able to register once it's full (or sold out, if it's a paid add-on). If someone tries to register for a selection that requires a full/sold out add-on, they'll be directed to reach out to the support contact for that signup. 

We hope you enjoy this added functionality with add-ons!

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