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In Registrations, we want it to be quick and easy for congregants to register — and we want it to be efficient for admins to manage those registrations. And these two things are often in tension with each other.

For certain events, you need to collect lots of information from people, so admins have what they need — but the longer a signup process is, the less likely people are to finish registering. Non-profits and churches have the highest abandonment rates for online forms and registrations, in part because of the amount of information that's often being collected.

The updated Church Center workflow optimizes for getting people registered, so you know who they are, when they're coming, and what they're participating in. But some people are stopping there and not providing the additional information that's requested.

We've been adding some stronger warnings during registration to catch people who may not realize that information is needed. But there are many others who know they need to fill out an extra form but simply think they'll circle back to it later (and then inevitably get sidetracked or forget).

To help your event mangers follow up with these folks, we've added an incomplete attendee information reminder! You'll see this option from both the actions dropdown on the registrations list as well as the email dropdown on an individual registration.



Like other reminder emails, you can choose to include a personal message.


And also like other reminders, this reminder will always include link(s) to complete the missing information.


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