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New: Limit the quantity of selections per registration

Sometimes you want to limit the number of tickets an individual family can purchase. Other times, you want each person coming to complete their own registration and only make one selection. You can now do both of these things with quantity limitations on a registration!

In the Church Center settings for your signup, you can designate a maximum per registration.


If this maximum is set to 1, registrants will have a simple dropdown to select what they're registering for.


If you have waitlists enabled, this maximum includes waitlist selections — so if the limit is 2, people can register for two regular spots, two waitlist spots, or one of each.

If you have split registrations enabled, this is still a maximum on the registration as a whole — so if you set a limit of 1, each registrant will select just one date/time to register for.

This maximum only applies on Church Center, so if your event managers need to make exceptions, they can do that on the admin side of Registrations.

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