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Collect Payments in Registrations

When collecting registrations, some detailed signups have an associated cost. You can manage these payments using selections or add-ons.


Registrations is for tracking non-tax-deductible payments only. Payments made through Registrations will not be visible in Giving. If you need to collect a donation along with the cost of a signup, the donation will need to be done as a separate transaction from your donation form.

Online payments are processed using Stripe, and a processing fee for credit/debit cards is incurred according to the current rate.

Set the Price of Your Event

There are two ways to set a price, depending on what you collect money for.

  • Use selections if there is a general cost to attend.

  • Use add-ons for additional expenses associated with the event.


If your event has an admission fee, you can set it by adding a selection to your signup.


Customize your selection to gather the information you need.

  1. If the price is left at $0, it will be listed as Free on Church Center.

  2. Use partial payments to require a deposit or allow people to register without making an online payment. When registering, people who pay a portion of their total cost can pay their balance later online or in person.

  3. If you've enabled partial payments, you can specify a deposit amount.


If your event has additional expenses, such as t-shirts and meals, you can manage those using add-ons: set the price and list the quantity available.

From the Configuration tab, go to Add-On options and click New add-on.


Add the information you want to display when someone registers on Church Center.

payment options_numbered
  1. Add the price per add-on. If a registrant selects multiple, they'll be charged this price for each add-on.

  2. Set a quantity if there is a limited amount of the add-on. When registering, attendees will see the number remaining. The add-on will show as Sold Out when the limit is reached.

  3. If enabled, attendees can make partial payments for the add-on. Include a minimum required, if necessary.

  4. Allow attendees to purchase more than one add-on.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made online using credit/debit cards, cash, or checks applied by an administrator or manager. Adjust acceptable payment methods from the Settings tab of your signup.



If cash/check payments are enabled for a signup and a minimum deposit is required, attendees can complete their signup without paying a minimum deposit by choosing the cash/check option. You can prevent this by only allowing online payments. Deposits received via cash or check can be applied to registrations by administrators after they are received.

Reports and Bookkeeping

After receiving payments for your signups, use reports to help reconcile them with your bank account.

Payment Information

See payments from all signups on the Payments page for specific events by going to the Payments tab within a signup.

Payment Page

The Payments page shows all payments received from all signups within a filtered time frame. You can send a receipt, issue a refund, export a CSV file, or view Stripe Payouts from this page.

  • Select a transaction to issue a refund or resend a receipt.

  • To get a specific list of transactions, you can filter by date, payment method, and transaction type.

  • If you want to export a group of transactions, filter the transactions and click Export CSV.


    The CSV file may take a few minutes to download, depending on the amount of information in the file.

Payments Tab

The Payments tab within a signup provides a list of payments received and an overview of how much money has been received, refunded, and is still unpaid.

  1. Export a CSV of all payments received.

  2. See a breakdown of the total money expected and the amount collected, refunded, received, and unpaid.

  3. Select an individual payment to issue a refund or resend a receipt via email.

Stripe Payout Reports

Organization administrators and billing managers can see a breakdown of the Stripe Payouts received by selecting Stripe Payouts.


In these reports, the Stripe payout is divided into sections for Registrations, Giving, and Other Stripe Income.

The Registrations section shows how much was brought in by each event.



Although the Stripe payout reports show helpful summary information, they do not report at the transaction level. The best place to get itemized details is directly in your Stripe account.

Manage Payments

Check out these additional resources to help manage payments, send balance reminder emails, issue refunds, and more.

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