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When a family signs up for a weekend gathering, you might need them to answer a set of health screening questions on behalf of their whole party. Or when a parent registers their children for camp, there’s often information you only need to collect from the parent — not from each individual kid.

Now you can collect this information on both simple and detailed signups by adding questions for the registration contact to answer!


For detailed signups, you'll also notice that Questions and Forms have been merged into a single section in your signup settings.


Forms to collect during registration (formerly known as questions) are on top, and forms to collect after registration (external forms — PDFs and People Forms) are on the bottom.

Within the top section, you'll find a form for the registration contact and a form for attendees. The attendees form should look familiar — it looks and works just like Questions did. The registration contact form is where you'll add questions that only need to be answered once per registration, by the person registering on Church Center.

On both the registration contact and attendees form, you'll also find a new question type: single checkbox. This will replace the yes/no question type that was available prior to this update. If you have yes/no questions on any of your existing signups, they will be unchanged — but you won't be able to add new yes/no questions, and if you duplicate a signup with yes/no questions, they'll be converted to the new single checkbox type.

All these structural changes pave the way for some additional Questions & Forms updates that are coming soon to a Registrations near you. In the meantime, we hope that the ability to collect information from registration contacts makes signups more straightforward for you and your congregation!

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