Split Registrations

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For some signups, attendees will need to specify multiple dates and times for each selection. With a simple signup, people are able to choose more than one date and time for each selection.

From the Settings tab in the Manage tab, click the Edit button for Dates and Times. Add each date and/or time option, and then check the box to Enable split registrations. Check the boxes for each date and time you want to include for an attendee to register.


When the event is published, an attendee will see the option to choose from the specific dates and/or times you included for each selection when they register.


When split registrations is enabled, the selections view will adjust to include each date and/or time.

  1. Each available date or time will be added as a column. You can see how many of each selection has been taken for that date or time.

  2. Expand the View options menu to remove dates/times from the admin view. This does not hide the unselected dates/times from the published Church Center page.


The capacity for a selection applies to each occurrence of the selection.

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