New: Change an attendee's type on detailed signups

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Sometimes people register for the wrong attendee type — or you're using multiple attendee types to manage waitlists and want to transfer someone to the primary type when space opens up.

In the past, you had to re-register them with the correct type and then cancel the original attendee, losing any questions they answered or forms they completed. Now you can change an attendee's type at any time!

When you're viewing a registration, there's now a button to edit attendees:

Image 2021-01-28 at 3.32.17 PM

In editing mode, you'll have a dropdown for each person's attendee type. If you select a different type, you'll see a warning, since attendee type changes can impact other parts of the registration, like questions and discounts.


A few things to bear in mind when changing an attendee's type:

  • You won't lose any of the attendee's question answers, add-ons, scholarships, assignments, or completed forms.
  • This means that if the attendee has add-ons, scholarships, and/or assignments that are limited to their old attendee type, they will retain them when their type changes. If you no longer want them to have those items, you'll need to remove them manually.
  • If the attendee has discounts that were limited to their old attendee type, those discounts will still display on the Registration but will show as $0.
  • If a question is no longer required for the new attendee type, you'll still be able to see their original answer to the question.

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