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New: Streamlined Registrations on Church Center

Events are one of the main ways people can connect with the life of your church. Whether you’re hosting classes for members, concerts for the community, conferences, or VBS, you want to remove all unnecessary barriers to getting involved.

You can do this by providing one centralized place where people can sign up for everything that’s happening at your church. That's where Registrations comes in!

In Registrations, some signup features are only available when you're collecting detailed profile information, and other features are only available when you're getting a general headcount. To help break down barriers for signups, we want you to be able to mix and match features to meet the needs of your specific event, making signups more flexible.

Our first step toward a more flexible Registrations is a more consistent, streamlined registration process on Church Center, making it quicker and easier for people to register (and easier for you to help them when they need it).

This new Church Center experience is now available for all detailed signups — and it's the default for new detailed signups created on or after January 10. But you can decide when you want to start using it for your preexisting signups! To use the new workflow, uncheck the legacy workflow checkbox in the Registration on Church Center settings:


Read on to learn about what to expect from this updated experience!

Minimize abandoned registrations with single-page signups


When a registration process feels too long or cumbersome, people are more likely to abandon it.

Simple signups introduced a simplified one-page registration process — and now we’re bringing that workflow to all your signups.

This one-page signup form ensures you’re collecting the right information at the right time, making people less overwhelmed and more likely to finish signing up.

Reduce frustration when registering for popular events with spot reservations


A long registration process can also be frustrating with events that fill up quickly; the spots someone selects when they start might be gone by the time they finish. With the updated workflow, their spots are reserved while they’re filling out the form, so they don’t have to worry about losing their selections while they’re completing attendee and payment information.

Secure signups when you need them, faster signups when you don't

When someone registers their kids for youth camp, it’s often important to have them log in or create an account so you know the profile information they provide is secure, complete, and up to date.

But when you just need people to tell you how many people they’re bringing to the church picnic, they can just provide their name and email address and finish their registration in seconds!

With improved controls around authentication and household management, you can ensure a more adaptive, seamless registration experience for your congregation.

Expanded payment options to collect payment online or at the door


For each of your signups, you can choose to accept payment by cash/check, credit card, or both. So for low-cost events, you could have people register in advance but pay in cash when they arrive. And for more expensive events, you could accept checks instead of credit cards.

More to come!

What we're most excited about is what else we can add to this foundation this year. Stay tuned!

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