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Allow people to filter your signups in Church Center by adding categories and assigning signups to those categories.

Create a Category

To create a new category, click the Settings dropdown on the Signups page, and then click Manage categories.


You can also access categories on the About tab in a signup. Click the Edit button in the Categories section, and then click Manage categories .



Campuses can be added by an Organization Administrator in the account settings.

Add new signup categories, edit ones you've already created, or delete them entirely.


Add Categories to a Signup

Once you've created your categories, assign them to your signup by clicking Edit in the Categories section on the About tab in the Manage tab.


Filter by Categories

From the Church Center page, people can filter signups by category or campus to find signups that interest them.



Apply a category or campus filter, then copy the page's URL address to send people to signups in that filtered view!

Find People by Category

If you have access to Lists in Planning Center People, you can make lists of attendees or registration contacts for all signups in a specific category.


You can then send an announcement, text them, send them a styled email, or perform bulk actions on the profiles in your list to update their profiles, register them for a specific selection in another signup.

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