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  • Updated Top Bar: This week all the Planning Center apps received a cleaner, simpler top bar design. No notable changes for Registrations other than new aesthetics.
  • New Domain: Your event registration URL is now at – no changes needed from you, all the old URLs will properly redirect.
  • Registration Status Filters: you can now filter for registrations by status, "Complete", "Incomplete",  "Canceled", or "Not Canceled" to show all active registrations.
  • Improved Legibility & Visual Hierarchy: Blue was being used in a *lot* of different places throughout the registration process, which made it confusing to know what was a button. We also had badges and buttons that were both colored grey, making it hard to distinguish between the two. On top of all that we had grey text on grey backgrounds. Badges and buttons are now clearly distinguished, we've created a button hierarchy (primary & secondary buttons), and as much as possible blue is only used for actions (buttons & links) and green for success.
  • Canceled registrations are no longer excluded from searches or filters
  • On the registration detail, clicking on the attendee name now links to the profile instead of pulling up the profile edit.
  • Sections can now be restricted to attendee types, which allows the header to show for the appropriate attendee type but has no bearing on the questions under the section.
  • If there is no information to collect, questions, or add-ons, we now skip the screen that displays this information during the registration process.
  • Fixed: When searching or applying a filter on the registration list, registrations should show by the most recent registration first.
  • Fixed: Input fields on CCO were cut off in Firefox
  • Fixed: When changing payment methods in the "Apply Payment" admin modal, the amount no longer resets
  • Fixed: There were some edge cases where trying to complete a registration would result in double charges. This has been fixed.
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