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Stripe Upgrades

A big part of our past month has been updating all the credit card input fields in Registrations to use Stripe's new framework. In addition to user experience improvements, this framework upgrade was required in order for Registrations to maintain PCI compliance. CVC codes are now required whenever credit and debit cards are entered as part of PCI compliance requirements.

Lists From Assignments

We added the ability for the creation of lists based on someone's assignment in a particular event.

Grab Bag

  • Removed the assignment alert – this wasn't providing particularly useful information, especially in situations where the goal wasn't to assign every attendee to every assignment type.
  • Scholarships are now sorted alphabetically by default, not creation date.
  • The People page gets a new look based on the new Services' People design.
  • Fixed: We've had mixed reports that in some cases, "Information to Collect" validation was failing or information provided wasn't saving. This was a tricky bug and we think we've found it!
  • Fixed: Early bird discounts were not being applied on pricing show on the attendee type selection page.
  • Fixed: Alert badges weren't colored properly in the registration payment sidebar.
  • Fixed: Registrants could make payments on archived events.
  • Fixed: Registrants could complete registrations on archived or closed events.
  • Fixed: On the registration detail page, email was not displayed even if we had the information
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