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New "Who are you registering for this event?" Screen

We've added an explicit screen to the front of the registration process to better guide users to login when  they need to see the rest of their household. The goal here is to address the problem of parents registering themselves when they actually want to register their kids, or when parents register themselves and their kids separately when they could have done it all at once. The Who's Attending screen has also been spruced up to be more information dense and to better call out the "Add another attendee" button.

Login Now Required For "Only Me" Registrations Involving Required Info

If you require info via "Information to Collect" on the attendee type (optional information does not count), people who have registered using Registrations  previously will be required to login. This change addresses two issues:

First, there were scenarios where folks couldn't see the "Next" button in certain registrations scenarios.

Second, if your registration required information, certain registrants who had that information filled out could complete a registration without reviewing it. While this was a feature for some, it was a bug to others.

In general, Registrations is moving toward requiring login anytime we're dealing with private information. We've tried to be clever about this in the past, but the feedback we've received is that this can be confusing. This will definitely increase scenarios where login is required, but we are working on moving away from the email-based magic link login to the more familiar username and password method of logging in.

Settings Page Has Split

The main Settings page has been split into three pages – Details, Settings, and Notifications. The previous page was limiting us to do some redesigns as well as add new settings, so we decided to split things up. Most of the settings still look the same (just in a new location), we'll be slowly refreshing those.

Report Improvements

Our various PDF reports have been completely replaced with a new print preview screen directly in the browser. Both Windows & Macs allow you to save to PDF directly from the browser, so we focused on print styles that are more consistent and reliable (no more names that are cut off!). As a result of this change, we also added the ability print assignment reports with each assignment area on a separate page.

Registrations "In the Last X"

For folks who use Lists a lot, we added the ability for you to build lists based on anyone who has registered for an event "in the last" X days, weeks or months.

Grab Bag

  • Badges have been refreshed in the UI to be more distinct from buttons
  • Pluralization was inconsistent for some non-US orgs. This is more consistent-y now.
  • Email has been as added as type of "Information to Collect" on attendee types. This should make it easier to ensure you have the right contact information for all attendees of a registration.
  • Duplicating events now supports duplicating event managers and assignments.
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