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Discount Ideas

Registrations allows plenty of flexibility for group and family discounts. Check out these examples:

$5 off every attendee in groups of 3 or more

This is the basic group discount. After a certain group size, give everyone a $5 discount.

If the price of the event is $15 per person, the total cost for a registration of 3 people will be $30.


$25 for the first two attendees, $15 for each attendee after

Set the discount to only apply to attendees after the threshold has been met.

If the cost for the selection is $25, the first and second attendees would be charged $25 and each attendee after that would receive a $10 discount, making their cost only $15.


$10 per family

By setting the minimum group size to 1 and the discount to 100% for anyone after the 1st attendee, the first person on the registration will be the only attendee charged for the event; the rest will all be free.


Multi-Sibling Discount for Camp

If you want to give a discount for each additional attendee, like in the case of a family with multiple kids, you can create discounts accordingly.


If you want the amount to change for each additional attendee, you'll need to set up multiple discounts.

Make sure to change the minimum group size for each discount.


If it's for 2 attendees, set the minimum group size to 1, so the second attendee gets the discount.

If it's for 3 attendees, set the minimum group size to 2, so the third attendee gets the discount.

Keep applying for the number of people you want to receive the discount.

When a family with multiple kids signs up, you'll see the group discount automatically added to their registration.


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