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  • Fixed: Add-ons that were sold out could still be selected on the admin side. Nothing would happen if you tried to add it, but it was confusing!
  • Fixed: From time to time, a hidden field for Stripe would not be filled out, resulting in transactions not going through.
  • New Buttons: We've had all sorts of shapes and colors for app buttons and it was time to bring some order to the chaos. We've also freshened them up!
  • Re-organized Sidebar: We've split the settings sidebar into two sections for clarity. The first contains items that you view/manage after registrations come in. The second section holds all the items would setting up the event.
  • Scholarships & Discounts: These listings have been updated to be consistent in appearance with the other setup items like Add-Ons and Questions.
  • Page Headers: We've had lots of different page headers with different type sizes, background colors, spacing, and poor small screen support. They look more better now :)
  • Export Assignments to CSV: A CSV export has been added under Assignment Reports to make it easy for you to work with Assignments in your favorite spreadsheet application.
  • Registration List Indicators: status indicators on the registration list and detail page were inconsistent in their usage (e.g. a complete indicator on the registration but forms and payments were missing, or missing information alerts showing on canceled registrations). Every registration (and the attendee) now has a status. If items are missing, we clearly indicate what is missing on the list page as well as on the individual registration. We're also differentiating more clearly between registrations that don't need attention (complete and canceled without refund due) and those that do (incomplete and canceled with refund due).


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