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If someone needs a refund after they've paid, you can issue it from their registration.

Select Issue Refund to choose what refund needs to be applied.

issue refund

If you issue a refund because a person no longer wants an add-on, remove the add-on from their registration, and their registration will be shown as Paid.

If you need to remove a discount, expand the attendee's payment information, and then click the minus, as shown here.

Choose the way you want to refund the person, enter the amount, and enter a reason for the refund.

refund box
  • For accountability purposes, enter the check number or initials of the person who issued the refund into the memo.
  • Credit card refunds may take 5-7 business days to be placed in the account.
  • Any scholarship funds will be automatically refunded back to the scholarship once a registration is canceled.

What happens when I refund a credit/debit registration?

Refunds are processed by Stripe and are subject to Stripe's refund policies.

Stripe does not charge a fee to refund a charge, but, in most cases, the fees from the original charge aren’t returned.

When you issue a refund, Planning Center notifies Stripe to refund the money. Stripe then deducts the refunded amount from your pending Stripe Balance. If you issue a refund in excess of your Stripe Balance, Stripe will deduct the funds from your connected bank account, which may slow your payout schedules or add a reserve to your account. You can either maintain a Stripe Balance to cover refunds or transfer funds to Stripe to cover upcoming refunds.

Once the refund is applied, you can see it on the registration under the Refunds section.

refunded credit card

All payments and refunds are recorded in individual registrations as well as the Payments page.

Don't forget to cancel the attendee or total registration!

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