2017-07-14 Changelog

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  • Fixed: Emailing from the registration list was not working if a filter was applied.
  • Fixed: Registering people from a list or automation in People was silently failing if the person was already registered. We now skip over those people so the action can complete.
  • Fixed: Searching for registrations with words of the same length did not work. As it turns out, "cat" is different than "dog", even if the words are the same length.
  • Fixed: When a payment fails on the credit card "Apply Payment" screen, you can now re-submit payment after making changes.
  • Add attendee and cancel registration have been moved to the top of the registration detail page along with some added icons for better visual weight. Previously this was inconvenient for registrations with many attendees, especially for admins who were trying to add a bunch of attendees to the registration.
  • Added an "All Events" icon to the top of the churchcenteronline.com registrations pages.
  • The color of box containing the filter results was the same color to indicate warnings – this is less warning-y now.
  • If a free event is at capacity, the attendee type now shows "Full" not "Sold Out"
  • Names in the Event Manager listing now show the full name like it is on the People listing.
  • When an inactive person registers for an event, they are now marked as active in People.
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