Permissions in Registrations

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Registrations has two permission levels: Administrator and Manager.

  • An Administrator has access to everything on the account and can make any changes to any signups.

  • A Manager only has access to specific signups shared with them.


Only Organization Administrators can edit profile information for people across all Planning Center apps. In Registrations, an Administrator can also edit the details on a person's profile. A Manager can only edit information entered on the registration for the event and cannot view profile information unless they also have permissions in Planning Center People.

When a person is made an Administrator or Manager, they'll receive an email that allows them to set their password and log in.


Emails will be sent to the primary email address, except in the case of Account settings. Accounts sends an email to every email address listed on an Organization Administrator or Billing Manager's profile.

Enable Admin Permissions

To enable permissions for a person, search their name on the People page.


From the Permissions tab on their page, make someone an Administrator by clicking Admin.

Remove their Administrative access by clicking Non Admin.


Choose Managers

Managers can be added to individual signups. This allows them to edit the signup settings and manage registrations for just the signups shared with them, without being an Administrator. They won't have access to any other signups or be able to make any other changes.

If you want a person to be a Manager, go to About on the signup's Configuration tab and add them to the Managers list.

  1. Search for someone to add them as a Manager for a signup.

  2. Current Managers will be listed under the search bar.

View People by Permissions

From the People page, you can filter people based on their access level in Registrations.

  1. All Roles will show you all active profiles that have interacted with Registrations, regardless of access level.

  2. Congregants will show you people that have registered for a signup but do not have any administrative access.

  3. Managers will show everyone that is currently listed in at least one signup as a Manager. This includes active and archived signups.

  4. Administrators will show everyone that has administrator-level access to Registrations, including Organization Administrators.

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