Permissions in Registrations

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Administrators and Event Managers have access to make changes in Registrations. Check out how to assign those permissions and what those permissions can do.

To enable permissions for a person, choose their name from the People tab.

From the Permissions tab, view if a person is an Administrator or an Event Manager.


Make someone an Administrator by selecting Admin or remove their Administrative access by selecting Non Admin.

A person can be an Event Manager, which allows them to edit the event and manage registrations for just one event, without being an Administrator. They won't have access to any other events or be able to make any other changes.


An Administrator has access to everything on the account and can make any changes to any events.

When a person is given Administrator access, they receive an email which allows them to set their password and log in.

admin permissions
Event Manager

Add an Event Manager from the Event Settings by typing their name in the box:

When someone is added as an Event Manager, they receive an email which allows them to set their password and log in.

event manager permissions

Then, when they log in, they can only access the event for which they are a Manager and have access to all information except the Campuses and Categories section, which must be set by an Administrator.

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