2017-06-09 Changelog

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  • Fixed: On the Guest List Report, attendees were sorting by last name and then reverse (or random) order. Attendees are now sorted by last name then first name.
  • Fixed: Registrants would stay assigned even if their registration was cancelled; they are now un-assigned as you would expect.
  • Fixed: CSV correctly exports even if assignment areas have names that are identical to previous column names.
  • Removed validation of grades and genders when updating an assignment area. This could be problematic if a registrant's grade was promoted or age changed from when they initially were put in the assignment.
  • Required assignment area names to be unique to each assignment type.
  • Removed secondary event backgrounds on registration list.
  • Added badges to indicate whether a question is admin-only or required
  • Added CSV export to individual payment pages
  • Display full name on the People index listing
  • Improved discoverability of event manager removal
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