Check-Ins and Registrations Integration

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This integration allows you to create a Check-Ins event out of a detailed Registrations event. It syncs the two events and can check in any person who has registered. This also allows you to print name tags, and it shows any Registrations information, such as Payment Due, Unanswered Questions, Missing Personal Information, and Missing Forms, as an alert inside Check-Ins.

This integration is not available for simple Registration events, since individual attendees are not registering for the Registrations event.


This integration starts on the Registrations side. After creating an event and adding assignments, you will see the Check In button on the Registrations tab of the event.

You must be an Admin in Registrations and at least an Editor in Check-Ins. If you don't see Check In, you may not have one of those permission levels.

  1. Create a new event that allows attendees to check into the event, regardless of their assignment type. This will not auto-create any locations in the Check-Ins event. When checking in, a station will only see if the attendee registered for the event but will ignore any assignments.
  2. Create a new event that auto-creates Check-Ins locations out of the Registrations event's assignment areas. Self stations will only allow the user to check-in to their assigned area.

Every assignment can be created into a new Check-Ins event, but assignments cannot be combined into one event.

When you select the event, you'll be given the option of what kind of station to use.

choose station
  • A Roster Station gives a list of all individuals registered, organized by assignments, if applicable.
  • A Manned Station allows you to search by an entire registration group and will allow check-ins, even if someone hasn't registered yet.
  • A Self Station allows attendees with completed registrations to check themselves in using their phone number, mobile pass, or Church Center app.

We'll automatically lock your current station to the Registration Event. If you haven't created a station for the device, we'll create a station called, "Station for [Registration Event Name]: [Assignment Name]."

Registration Events have different settings from regular Check-Ins events:

  • By default, labels are not added to the event. However, you can add labels to the event in Check-Ins.
  • The event is not set up to show in the Church Center app, but you can change the Visibility in the Event Settings.
  • Checkistration Events have no times, frequency, custom headcounts, or Services integration.
  • When you archive the event in Registrations, the Check-Ins event will automatically be archived as well.
  • Stations behave differently:
    • Roster stations show a list of those registered.
    • You cannot add One Time Guests or new households.
    • The search reflects the registration group before the household.


You can create custom labels and add them to your event.

🤞 Label Editor - Check-Ins
  1. Include any Add-Ons.
  2. Show the Attendee Type.
  3. Add the event logo.


Any filters used for assignments in Registrations are synced over to Check-Ins. These filters cannot be edited inside of Check-Ins. If you need to change them, you'll need to do it in Registrations.

However, you do have access to some Check-Ins filters that don't exist in Registrations, such as the adult/child fitler and the ratio filter.



All the alerts you may see in Registrations will be shown in Check-Ins. So, if there's an alert, you'll see it pop up before you confirm the check in.

alerts at checkin

People Status

There are three different types of people who might check in, and we handle each scenario a little bit differently:

  • Registered and Assigned people will automatically be synced and suggested to the location that they were assigned to in Registrations.
    They can check in on any station.
  • Registered and Not Assigned people will be suggested the best location that matches the filters on the assignment. An alert will notify you they are not assigned and will be taking up one of those capacity spots.
    They can only check in on Roster or Manned Stations.
  • Not Registered people will be suggested the best location that matches the filters on the assignment. An alert will notify you they are not assigned and will be taking up one of those capacity spots. In addition, these people will automatically be set as guests, so you can print a guest list report later and follow up with them to register. If you're using labels, you can also choose to print different labels for guests to help pinpoint those who aren't registered.
    They can only check in at a Manned Station.

Checking in does not automatically register someone for the event. In order to not be seen as a guest, the person will need to register before checking in.

Check-In Sessions

In most cases, a Registrations Event will only last one day. However, if you want to check people in over multiple days, such as with Vacation Bible School, you'll need to go to the Event in Check-Ins and Start a new session each day.

start a new session

Any events using Checkistrations will be added to the bottom of the Check-Ins Events list and noted by the Registrations icon:

check-ins events

Emergency Contact Issues

The Emergency Contact is a field Check-Ins can use for checking people in. The emergency contact will show up as a Checked In By option when the child is being checked in.

Although the dropdown doesn't show the name of the Emergency Contact, the Registrations Guest List and Check-Ins label will show the name of the Emergency Contact.

checked in by dropdown

If you're checking in a group and Emergency Contact is selected as the Checked In By person, each individual's Emergency Contact will be listed on their label. If an attendee didn't list an Emergency Contact when they registered, their label will not have a Checked In By person listed on it. To add a Checked In By person, check in that child separately.

When you choose Emergency Contact as the Checked-In By person, that person will be listed on the Event Check-Ins page.

The Emergency Contact will not be shown as an option to check out the child, so if the Emergency Contact is the one checking out the child, choose no one, and the Emergency Contact will be listed as the Checked Out By Person.

If you need to make changes to the Emergency Contact, you can only do that on the registration itself; the Emergency Contact cannot be updated in Check-Ins.

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