2017-05-26 Changelog

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Allow Editing Optional Contact Fields - If a contact field was optional and the attendee already had information for it, Registrations was not showing that field for editing during the registration process. We've made a change so that optional contact fields show up for editing regardless if the system has that information already.

Smarter Adult/Child Designation - When requiring a grade level and the registrant is new to the system, Registrations now designates the new registrant as a "child" instead of an adult.

Add Badges For Admin-Only And Partial Payment Allowed Attendee Types - The attendee types list screen now shows whether an attendee type is admin-only or has partial payments enabled. Previously this was only available if you edited the attendee type.

Improvements to Event Status Settings - When you un-publish your event, the other two toggles now disappear to reduce confusion over what settings are possible. When an event is made private, a convenient input box appears to make it easy to copy the event URL for sharing.

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